Lovingrose_ is a blog dedicated to show you guys fashion inspirations including tips and hacks, my lifestyle to show from the restaurants I go to some nice hangout spots, and the reviews I do if you are thinking about getting it.

Every style, review, or even my lifestyle post is 110% true words like it is coming out of my own mouth. Along giving you inspiration to try new styles, food, products and many more. I want you to feel more confident in your selves. Also, every bottom of any pictures, for outfits, I always give my best to find the exact item or what store I got it from.

Example: Before you explore my blog, come to Nude Flower.

 I created this blog because I never had a guideline of anything when it comes to fashion, lifestyle, and the products that I use now - which works for me. So now, I am 18 and I want to tell my tips, hacks, style, and etc to anyone who comes on my blog for a guideline.


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  1. Ahhhh! I just saw that you're Filipina! I'm also half pinoy!!!!! Half Japanese :)

    1. Oh really?! So cool! Another Filipina! <3