Day to Night

As you are finishing up the day, you just lose track of time and still need to get ready for the next event. That can be an easy fix if you only have thirty minutes tops. 
You can touch up your makeup and fix your hair but what about your outfit. We always constantly questioning ourself since we want to look our best but being effortless at the same time. 

I have been there. We have be there. All of us have been there. 

On how I normally transform my outfits from day to night quickly is by having a piece or some pieces are very versatile. Meaning versatile is that you can dress that item from casual or formal.

Here is one of my day outfits that I use normally to go out with family or friends, casual party, brunch dates, or even to the park.

This top is from Forever 21 in its contemporary collection at my local mall. This long sleeve shirt is my versatile shirt since the colors are neutral which can match almost everything in my closet. Then, this pants are from Guess in their high-waisted category. Lastly, this shoes is from my local Savers thrift store. It was a score since it was only $4 and it was from H&M in really good condition.

Then after the day of whatever I have planned, I can switch this pants to a skirt which is also from Forever 21 and it lands a bit on the top of knee while it is a pop of color to make me stand out since I am still short even with the heels. 

This outfit is so perfect for a date night with family, friends, or your significant other. Also to go to house party with your girls or guys. It is fast to change into them too since I had to change my bottoms. Also these outfits are simple you can accessorize, just like gold earrings from Aurate

Also, this pop of color will help you stand out in the crowd since your other items are neutral colors. 

I will include similar items down below if you are interested in these outfit or these pieces check below of this piece. 

Photography by Stevie S. | Old Town, Ca

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  1. I love the details. Very beautiful.

  2. I like versatile pieces that can be worn for all occasions. You did a great styling to both outfits. The transition is clearly seen. :)


  3. I really like you :)
    Happy weekend!

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  4. Super comfy and stylish look!

  5. That skirt is so pretty! I am getting such fall vibes with the night outfit. It would definitely be perfect for a date night

    ~Andrea Tiffany~