Day to Night

As you are finishing up the day, you just lose track of time and still need to get ready for the next event. That can be an easy fix if you only have thirty minutes tops. 

How 2 Dress For Summer

Hello my lovely roses! Today I had a fun day doing a photoshoot showing how I dress two pieces from Tobi! These or similar items (check at the bottom of the post for them) are perfect for a hot day in spring or summer. We all want to be cool of this hot weather but still be stylish and cute. 

Here are are two examples I put together and it is my everyday outfits or anything similar to it. 

First outfit, is this denim romper which is simple and chic, which means you can dress it up or down. However, for this outfit, I layered it with this flow, white, bell sleeves top. The material of it is sheer and light so it is perfect for a hot weather. 

Instagram RoundUp: April 2017

It is already almost or even is May! Time went by really quick and I have made so many memories that happened! Each and every one is unforgettable and amazing since I was able to go out and explore, eat yummy food, and just be with family and friends.

Even in April I was able to reflect on myself and think about the opportunities I had with company collaborations, social media, relationships, and school. I noticed that I have been slacking of how I use my time while wasting that day away, which we cannot relive the same day. So, I have started a bullet journal to keep my organize, write down my thoughts and plan what I need to do. Plus, I was able to join the gym called Crunch and I am liking it so far.

Is there any other tips that I or the others should now about how not to procrastinate on anything?

I post a lot for this month, so I will show my favorite outfits, layouts, food, and etc...

April 3

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Night Routine (Ft. Smile Brilliant)

Roses, after a long day, is there a routine for you to whine down and become un-stressful since plans might not have worked out, received bad news, or is just tired mentally and physically. I have been there. You have been there. We all have!

I want to show you how I whine down and prep my body, skin, and teeth for the next "stressful" day. I want to prepare for what the day has for me and still look good while doing it. I would love to hear your favorites for your night routine.

Please keep in mind that these products work on me and maybe it won't work with you. Everybody's skin is different and I am no dermatologist. Please consult with one if you have any questions. Now let is begin.

Outfit of the Day: Simple Day

As February comes to an end, my lack of sleep has increased since school has been a pain in the butt. However, it does not stop me to look good in a simple way. Today was simple put together since I just ran a couple of errands during my afternoon like getting gas, chatting with family members from the Philippines, cleaning my room and doing some studying. However, the rest of the day is relaxing and drinking my tea. Right now, I am obsessed with anything has hibiscus!

If you have any recommendations please comment down below!

L.A Trip Experience

What an wonderful and amazing experience in Los Angeles! My friends and I went around Korean Town and Little Tokyo. Even visited the lights in Lacma, which by the way, they are so gorgeous at night when everything is lit up. Also, we were able to try new things and eat at our favorite ramen shop, too!