Glamorous Gold: Holiday Look Tutorial

As the holidays are coming near, I have created an eye look that is simple but still glam. I got my inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and etc.  The eye look for today is easy, simple, and comfortable.

🌹 Easy because we are not using a bunch of colors. 

🌹 Simple because we will use colors are not too daring. 

🌹 Comfortable because the colors are suited for everyone.

Also, please remember that you do not have to get the same palette or the materials. You can find something similar and still get the same look. Also, I will link some cheaper alternatives! So let is get started, here are the items I used:

Holiday Makeup I Used

Night Out

Smile Brillant + Giveaway (Close) | Review

Have you tried Professional Teeth Whitening? Or any sort of whitening products? For me personally, I have tried the strips, sets, and even going to my dentist to get it done, but most of them did not work well. It was expensive, messy, or you just do not have the time. However, Smile Brilliant are whitening trays that they do not create any mess, can take little of your time, and it does not make your teeth sensitive! How amazing is that?

Also, please on this post to see how you can win this set of my first giveaway thanks to Smile Brilliant collaboration. 

I got to see notice after a couple days and it was wonderful to see since I do drink drink coffee twice a day for everyday. Seeing that it can take off my stains from my teeth is amazing. Even I drink wine once in awhile with my parents but there was still no stain. 

In your box, here is what is included:

Smile Brilliant Items
For more information: Benefits of Custom-fitted trays & What to know before buying?