Jord's Wood Watches | Review

As you are getting ready in the morning, you got everything ready, your makeup is done, but when you get to check your outfit, it is not too your liking. To fix that problem you can add: a pop a color with heels or bag, wearing a blazer, or a unique jewelry that stands out.

Luckily, I have received a watch from Jord's Men's Wooden Watches to try out and review for you guys. If you guys are wondering about continue reading since I will break it down.

The watch they have given to me is Men's Wooden Watches: Koa & Ash from the Frankie series.

Fashion Hacks I Use Daily

Hello, my beautiful roses! Every day all of us sometimes ( or maybe all the time) we use hacks to make any outfits functional, try different methods to cook, substitute any makeup that you might not have and our life will be much easier. So today, I have collaborated with Betabrand and we are here to give some fashion hacks.

1. Zipper keeps falling down. Take a key chain ring and hook it in the zippers hole. Once you go it, pull up your zipper all the way then take the ring, hook it to the button, and just button it as usual. This will prevent it falling done and no one has to tell you 'XYZ'.

2. Shoes are too tight. If your shoes are very tight, like around your toes, there are two types of ways expand them:
  • Open toe shoes - Fill up two plastic bags with water, tightly sealing it. Next, slid it under from the back to the front of where your toes will originally be. Lastly, place them in the freezer and wait around 2 or 3 hours. 
  • Closed toe shoes -  Wear thick socks, put on the shoes, then grab your hairdryer, and point your blow dryer where you are trying to expand. For me personally, I do this three times for about 20 minutes.