Spirit VoxBox

In this Spirit VoxBox I gotten 6 items where I say is the best fit for this theme. When you think of 'spirit', I think of school spirit. Which is also a best for me since I am in the class of 2016 of my high school. Please comment down below if you have tried this products before or this is completely new to you.

1. SweetSpot Labs - $9.99 (30 count) / $2.99 (7 count)

I got two of there wippettes: Vanilla Blossom and Neroli Mandarian. These wipes are for sweet spot or your entire body. It is cruelty free, which are the best products, and don't believe me check their website which I have linked on the sub-heading.

This wipes are amazing and the scent is just loving. There was no irritation, made me smell good for awhile but not longer than 6 hours. Most of friends really like the Vanilla Blossom but I prefer Neroli Mandarin. I use this wipes after the gym or dance class. At least I look decent but smell sweet. Also, it is cruelty free! I can see myself buy this product in the future.

2. Snickers Crisper - $1.49 - $3.99

To be honest I wanted to eat it right away but I had to do task before eating. It has crisped rice, peanuts, caramel and chocolate. It is less than 200 calories and comes in two squares. It is a nice and sweet snack for a boring class where you need to stay awake or nice dessert for lunch.

3. Yogi Tea - $4.99 (16 count)

I had this brand before and I love it but I got two that I have never heard or tried. Which was going to be interesting. I gotten the Green Tea Kombucha and Blueberry Slim Life. Both of the YogiProducts were good but my favorite is the Kombucha a lot because it reminded me of a peachy-mango tea.

4. NYC New York Color (001 Cheeky Pink) - $3.99

I have heard of this brand but some things here and there. They are misses (for me) but this one is hit. Influenster has gave me Lip Cheek tint works really well. I would not use this for my cheeks because I have oil combination skin which the color faded but as a lip tint is amazing. It is kiss and smear proof. The only down side I can say is that smells kinda chemically and the lip tint will fade over time but its a good fade.

I hope you enjoy this review and might take in consideration of purchasing all or some the items. It is worth a shot to try new things because you will never know this item will be your holy grail. Also, comment down below if you have tried of this before and your input.

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◬ Quote of Day: "A smile will keep the tears away." - Unknown

Disclaimer: Influenster is a program where they send theme boxes to people who think is the best fit and the people who get them are to make reviews. ALL of my reviews are honest and I am not getting paid to say this things. Thank you for reading.


  1. The Snickers are my favorite! I can eat it all day and NYC is not my favorite drugstore brand. Also, welcome back! :)

    1. Hey Selena! Thank you for the welcome back. Also the snickers is my new favorite now! I can eat it all day too and I understand NYC can be iffy.

  2. wow cute box !!!

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  3. YAS! I love the Yogi teas! Cant wait for the giveaway coming soon. Love this blog!

    1. Right! They are so good. And it will be up soon. I promise. And awe so sweet. <3

  4. I love the teas and the Snickers in general is good. However, I will try the cheek lip tint soon. <3

    1. Right?! Snickers are just <3. And you should try it my love.

  5. I love the Yogi teas!Do you want to follow each other on GFC? http://annalapshina.blogspot.ru/

    1. Right they are so good. ^^ Sure. You follow first~

  6. I could do with cup of yogi tea right now, lol. Great review, I love some of NYC makeup stuff but have yet to try their nail polish. Good to see ya, girl.