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It has been a while, like about a month. The only good, qualified excuse I can give you is that school has diving me insane where I need to go to the insulin. Even though this is my LAST semester in high school, the teachers just love to give us some busy work to do. However, this post is not about that! It is my sick or lazy routine.

It inspired me to write this because sadly I am sick and lazy for some quite awhile and I wanted to share my steps to make my sick day even a bit better. Saying that I am just showing you guys my routine - you can copy or change a few things here and there. That is all up to you!

So the first thing I do is to prep my face and body. This the time where I can relax and regenerate my face. These are my essentials - which some of these are my everyday routine too.

Prep/Pamper Up

1. Cetaphil DermaControl Moisturizer - This really helps my acne prone skin from the sun, really moisturize, not a greasy feeling, protects me from the sun. 

2. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - Helps removes any excess and extra make up that was left over from my make up wipe (4). Since parts of my skin is sensitive this really helps clean those parts without those harsh chemicals. 

3. Vaseline Contentious Spray (Aloe) - I LOVE THIS! This really saves me time when I am out the shower. It absorbs fast, no sticky feel when it dries, and makes it smooth the whole day - the WHOLE day.    

4. Ponds Original Make Wipes - I love their brand because this gets ride of them mostly (even water proof makeup). Also there is different wipes for morning and night, which I love too. I use this when my I am too sick to do anything but still have a clean surface on my face, I use this wipes.

5. Neutrogena Clear Pore Mask/Wash - I have not use this as a regular wash since its a bit to strong for my skin but as a mask its wonderful. All I do is wash my face, then steam my face, to really open my pores, and apply the mask. Once I finish and pat my face (I do not use a towel to wipe), my face feels smooth and it can be red because it has pulled the gunk out. 


There are some sick/lazy days I wear minimal makeup because I am forced to ran errands or I am dragged with my parents errand. I want to look 'decent' when I am out. So here are my essentials: 

Base: I do not wear foundation but I put on my +REVLON Concealer in Medium Deep (C5) with my highlighting or to make it brighter which is my NYX : HD Concealer Beige (CW04) on top is my REVLON Colorstay Translucent Powder

Eyes: Just a simple eyeliner with my E.L.F. Cream Eye Liner:  Midnight and Maybelline Lash Sensational: Brown Black (Waterproof).     

Brows: I just follow my natural eyebrow shape with a dark brown. This brand which I got it from a store called Daiso. That store is like the dollar tree or the 99 cents store but the twist is that its Japanese from make up to clothing to crafts and etc!

The Outcome

Glasses from Wet Seal & Shirt from PacSun 

I hope the items that I have mention will want you to give it a try and just a disclaimer I was not sponsored to say these things. I bought this with my own money and these are my real words and how I feel about the item. Also, the links are there to help and see in their website. Lastly, please help me and vote on the poll down below: 

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