Glamorous Gold: Holiday Look Tutorial

As the holidays are coming near, I have created an eye look that is simple but still glam. I got my inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and etc.  The eye look for today is easy, simple, and comfortable.

🌹 Easy because we are not using a bunch of colors. 

🌹 Simple because we will use colors are not too daring. 

🌹 Comfortable because the colors are suited for everyone.

Also, please remember that you do not have to get the same palette or the materials. You can find something similar and still get the same look. Also, I will link some cheaper alternatives! So let is get started, here are the items I used:

Holiday Makeup I Used

Night Out

Smile Brillant + Giveaway (Close) | Review

Have you tried Professional Teeth Whitening? Or any sort of whitening products? For me personally, I have tried the strips, sets, and even going to my dentist to get it done, but most of them did not work well. It was expensive, messy, or you just do not have the time. However, Smile Brilliant are whitening trays that they do not create any mess, can take little of your time, and it does not make your teeth sensitive! How amazing is that?

Also, please on this post to see how you can win this set of my first giveaway thanks to Smile Brilliant collaboration. 

I got to see notice after a couple days and it was wonderful to see since I do drink drink coffee twice a day for everyday. Seeing that it can take off my stains from my teeth is amazing. Even I drink wine once in awhile with my parents but there was still no stain. 

In your box, here is what is included:

Smile Brilliant Items
For more information: Benefits of Custom-fitted trays & What to know before buying?

Everyday Fall | Lookbook

California's fall season is like having mood swings since some days are colder while some are warmer. We cannot always predict the weather like any girls mood swings through out the day; however, we can always be prepared! Weather we have a jacket or tights for those colds days; nevertheless, have shorts and a cardigan for those hot days. Just keep in mind, other places might be colder or hotter than mine, so please add or change items for the right fit of your weather.

Coffe Date Time

OOTD + Hair Update | New Me

Hello, my lovely roses! Sorry for missing in action and leaving you guys in the dust; however, I am back and alive again. I have such fantastic news and can't believe that it happened; I hope you guys are going to like it, as well. Also, I included an OOTD from yesterday since I had problems uploading my pictures onto my computer.

So, last week I did something dramatic to my hair since I need to re-touch my color and chop off some inches. All honestly, I am in love what I have done to my hair. It is something different and first trying to do this style. At first, I was so nervous and scared that I wanted to cry. However, I was determined to get it done. are the result:

August | Favorites

As August comes to an end, September is coming closer and closer meaning Fall will be heading our way too. This whole month I just started my first semester as a freshman in college, driving, and joined the pharmacy technician program. So please bare with me for this coming months on my blog and Instagram.

In this month of August, I just do not have clothes but I do have beauty, food, and etc.  I wanted to expand and explore a bit more and see what I will like. I will never know I will be addicted to it.

Jord's Wood Watches | Review

As you are getting ready in the morning, you got everything ready, your makeup is done, but when you get to check your outfit, it is not too your liking. To fix that problem you can add: a pop a color with heels or bag, wearing a blazer, or a unique jewelry that stands out.

Luckily, I have received a watch from Jord's Men's Wooden Watches to try out and review for you guys. If you guys are wondering about continue reading since I will break it down.

The watch they have given to me is Men's Wooden Watches: Koa & Ash from the Frankie series.

Fashion Hacks I Use Daily

Hello, my beautiful roses! Every day all of us sometimes ( or maybe all the time) we use hacks to make any outfits functional, try different methods to cook, substitute any makeup that you might not have and our life will be much easier. So today, I have collaborated with Betabrand and we are here to give some fashion hacks.

1. Zipper keeps falling down. Take a key chain ring and hook it in the zippers hole. Once you go it, pull up your zipper all the way then take the ring, hook it to the button, and just button it as usual. This will prevent it falling done and no one has to tell you 'XYZ'.

2. Shoes are too tight. If your shoes are very tight, like around your toes, there are two types of ways expand them:
  • Open toe shoes - Fill up two plastic bags with water, tightly sealing it. Next, slid it under from the back to the front of where your toes will originally be. Lastly, place them in the freezer and wait around 2 or 3 hours. 
  • Closed toe shoes -  Wear thick socks, put on the shoes, then grab your hairdryer, and point your blow dryer where you are trying to expand. For me personally, I do this three times for about 20 minutes. 

June | LookBook

Hello, my lovely roses! Here are some outfits that I have been wearing for maybe twice or three times this whole month of June! Some items are new and some items were lost in my closet. June went through so fast with many events going on. There was my graduation, I turned 18, my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend, went to Ktown for some Norebang and Night Market and etc.

Enjoy this five looks I put together and of course, include your style to it. You can even add or subtract things to make it fit better to your fashion and weather conditions. 

1. 90's Killer

Chocker: Aliexpress || Top: Papaya || Jacket: Thrifted || Pants: Sears  || Braclets: ThePurePear || Glasses: Aliexpress

My Everyday Hairstyle

Hello, my lovely roses! Today, I am going to show you guys my everyday hairstyle for the past month or two. Which features my new favorite straighter from Kissemoji which they are so nice for me to try it out and review for them.

The digital flat iron I receive is the Kissemoji Professional 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron. This straightener is very easy to use, lightweight, did not damage my hair a lot like others do and the results are so nice.

 The features it comes with:
- The adjustable temperature of 360F to 430F (180C to 220C).
- High/Medium button.
- Can Straighten wet or dry hair.
- Has a 360 swivel cord.
- The handle can lock/unlock.

April LookBook

I brought to you a small look book featuring some new pieces I bought from the last week of April. I hope you can get any inspiration from but incorporate your style into of course. Also, I hope you everyone is doing well and is very healthy.

Spirit VoxBox

In this Spirit VoxBox I gotten 6 items where I say is the best fit for this theme. When you think of 'spirit', I think of school spirit. Which is also a best for me since I am in the class of 2016 of my high school. Please comment down below if you have tried this products before or this is completely new to you.

1. SweetSpot Labs - $9.99 (30 count) / $2.99 (7 count)

I got two of there wippettes: Vanilla Blossom and Neroli Mandarian. These wipes are for sweet spot or your entire body. It is cruelty free, which are the best products, and don't believe me check their website which I have linked on the sub-heading.

This wipes are amazing and the scent is just loving. There was no irritation, made me smell good for awhile but not longer than 6 hours. Most of friends really like the Vanilla Blossom but I prefer Neroli Mandarin. I use this wipes after the gym or dance class. At least I look decent but smell sweet. Also, it is cruelty free! I can see myself buy this product in the future.

2. Snickers Crisper - $1.49 - $3.99

To be honest I wanted to eat it right away but I had to do task before eating. It has crisped rice, peanuts, caramel and chocolate. It is less than 200 calories and comes in two squares. It is a nice and sweet snack for a boring class where you need to stay awake or nice dessert for lunch.

3. Yogi Tea - $4.99 (16 count)

I had this brand before and I love it but I got two that I have never heard or tried. Which was going to be interesting. I gotten the Green Tea Kombucha and Blueberry Slim Life. Both of the YogiProducts were good but my favorite is the Kombucha a lot because it reminded me of a peachy-mango tea.

4. NYC New York Color (001 Cheeky Pink) - $3.99

I have heard of this brand but some things here and there. They are misses (for me) but this one is hit. Influenster has gave me Lip Cheek tint works really well. I would not use this for my cheeks because I have oil combination skin which the color faded but as a lip tint is amazing. It is kiss and smear proof. The only down side I can say is that smells kinda chemically and the lip tint will fade over time but its a good fade.

I hope you enjoy this review and might take in consideration of purchasing all or some the items. It is worth a shot to try new things because you will never know this item will be your holy grail. Also, comment down below if you have tried of this before and your input.

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◬ Quote of Day: "A smile will keep the tears away." - Unknown

Disclaimer: Influenster is a program where they send theme boxes to people who think is the best fit and the people who get them are to make reviews. ALL of my reviews are honest and I am not getting paid to say this things. Thank you for reading.

❖Sick/Lazy Routine ❖

It has been a while, like about a month. The only good, qualified excuse I can give you is that school has diving me insane where I need to go to the insulin. Even though this is my LAST semester in high school, the teachers just love to give us some busy work to do. However, this post is not about that! It is my sick or lazy routine.

It inspired me to write this because sadly I am sick and lazy for some quite awhile and I wanted to share my steps to make my sick day even a bit better. Saying that I am just showing you guys my routine - you can copy or change a few things here and there. That is all up to you!

So the first thing I do is to prep my face and body. This the time where I can relax and regenerate my face. These are my essentials - which some of these are my everyday routine too.

Prep/Pamper Up

1. Cetaphil DermaControl Moisturizer - This really helps my acne prone skin from the sun, really moisturize, not a greasy feeling, protects me from the sun. 

2. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - Helps removes any excess and extra make up that was left over from my make up wipe (4). Since parts of my skin is sensitive this really helps clean those parts without those harsh chemicals. 

3. Vaseline Contentious Spray (Aloe) - I LOVE THIS! This really saves me time when I am out the shower. It absorbs fast, no sticky feel when it dries, and makes it smooth the whole day - the WHOLE day.    

4. Ponds Original Make Wipes - I love their brand because this gets ride of them mostly (even water proof makeup). Also there is different wipes for morning and night, which I love too. I use this when my I am too sick to do anything but still have a clean surface on my face, I use this wipes.

5. Neutrogena Clear Pore Mask/Wash - I have not use this as a regular wash since its a bit to strong for my skin but as a mask its wonderful. All I do is wash my face, then steam my face, to really open my pores, and apply the mask. Once I finish and pat my face (I do not use a towel to wipe), my face feels smooth and it can be red because it has pulled the gunk out. 


There are some sick/lazy days I wear minimal makeup because I am forced to ran errands or I am dragged with my parents errand. I want to look 'decent' when I am out. So here are my essentials: 

Base: I do not wear foundation but I put on my +REVLON Concealer in Medium Deep (C5) with my highlighting or to make it brighter which is my NYX : HD Concealer Beige (CW04) on top is my REVLON Colorstay Translucent Powder

Eyes: Just a simple eyeliner with my E.L.F. Cream Eye Liner:  Midnight and Maybelline Lash Sensational: Brown Black (Waterproof).     

Brows: I just follow my natural eyebrow shape with a dark brown. This brand which I got it from a store called Daiso. That store is like the dollar tree or the 99 cents store but the twist is that its Japanese from make up to clothing to crafts and etc!

The Outcome

Glasses from Wet Seal & Shirt from PacSun 

I hope the items that I have mention will want you to give it a try and just a disclaimer I was not sponsored to say these things. I bought this with my own money and these are my real words and how I feel about the item. Also, the links are there to help and see in their website. Lastly, please help me and vote on the poll down below: 

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Quote of the Day: "You really have to love yourself to anything done in this world." - Lucille Ball