❖ Outfit's Have Been Lost ❖

Hello my lovelies, it has been awhile that I have posted. I was getting ready and studying for finals. It was literally hell for me but, I did survive and pass all of my classes (surprisingly). Also, if you have followed my Instagram, @Lovingrose_ you can see my complain and dying about finals. I know I am not the alone who dies, complains and/or cry about those finals.

Anyways, this is a quick post of some outfits that have been resting in peace and I revived them to give them a second chance. I might have tweak them a bit but, it never hurts anyone or know one really notice the second-time wore outfit.

Such a Nudey 

◦ Cardigan: SayWhatNY // ◦ Shirt: Goodwill Industries International, Inc. // ◦ Pants: Target // ◦ Boots: Wet Seal // ◦ Chocker: Made it myself

Mirror Chic

◦ Eyeglasses: Zerouv Sunglasses // ◦ Sweater: SayWhatNY // ◦ Leggings: +Forever 21 // ◦ Boots: +Wet Seal // ◦ Necklace: +Rocksbox // ◦ Socks & Phone Case: +Aliexpress China 

Use my code 'Lovingrosexoxo' to get your free box at www.RocksBox.com

Dark Geometry 

◦ Cardigan: SayWhatNY // ◦ Top: Wet Seal // Jeans: GUESS // Shoes: A Gift   


◦ Button up: Hawaii //  Cropped Sweater: Forever 21 // ◦ Boots: Forever 21 // ◦ Choker:  Wet Seal 

Hopefully it makes you recreate your old looks and maybe tweak it. I promise no one is going to notice that you wore it twice or how many times you wore it. However, if you do then it's whateva. Just ignore their comment and do not care about it. No one should tell you how to dress. Now, get out there and recycle some old outfits you loved. 

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Quote of the Day: "Dressing is a way of life." - Yves Saint Laurent