❖ The Orange Sweater ❖

As the weather is coming down, it is time to put away our summer attire and bring on the boots, sweaters, and scarfs. Also, some hot chocolate drinks with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with nuts (those are my favorite) sitting with family or even friends. This is my kind of weather.

Today I am featuring a sweater that I was able to get at CN Direct. This website is like any online shopping experience you have done. However, they are cheaper but good quality. They even have their flash sales which is amazing! Check it out when you got the time, I promise you, you will not regret it.

◦ Sweater Weather: CN Direct // ◦ Jewelry Set: Rocksbox // ◦ Leggings: Target //  ◦ Shoes: Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 

This sweater from CN Direct is so comfortable like I can't describe how soft and warm it is. Also the color is so perfect, I never knew I would love the color orange, since I am not a big fan. Also the shipment didn't take that long; only took a bout a month. Just remember that the shipment is from China. Overall I am very happy with my experience and might shop again at CN Direct.

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Rocks box & Etc. | Review

A different, new post than I usual do, but I want to share you guys - my lovelies - my favorites accessories of last month. I died of love getting these; I could not stop wearing these. One, some, or maybe all I might have use all them in a outfit. Might be too much but hey, you got to make it work to sell it. Right?

These favorites can go with every outfit I pair it with the whole month of October. NO matter if the weather was cold to hot.If these never came to my life then my outfits would not be that stylist.

1. Rocksbox Monthly Subscription

     This brand does a jewelry set subscription that is monthly. You can keep as much as you want. Then you send it back which they provide a label for a return. This brand is amazing and adorable jewelry. $19 per month (Use a my code lovingrosexoxo to get your first box free).

    This phone case is from Valfrè. It is adorable and you can brag to your friends that you make the man cry for you. I am just joking, please don't do that. It is made out of silicone so it would not break that easily which it is a good thing. This is more of the pricey side. $38  

     This glasses I receive from ZeroUV which are incredibly cute, lovable and can pair with every outfit I put together, The bottom one can make it chic and hipster. Then the top makes the outfit sassy and sexy. They are great for all seasons and they are reasonable priced. $10.95 (Both) 

Here it is! These are the love of my life. If you guys do get them please, please tag me in the social that I have. It can be Instagram, Twitter or even Phhhoto. Also comment down if you want to see a look book with these accessories. Comment down and I will for sure and also should I do it in video format. I have been thinking about this for awhile but I am not hundred percent. 

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