❖ Spooky eyes ❖

Spooky Eyes is a online store for color contacts. The variety is from natural to a intense one. I got the opportunity to to work with them and try it out for the first time. I chose to go with this contacts called Spooky Mystic Violet Contact Lenses (FDA approved & ISO International Standards).


Pros: Very thin that is comfortable and to the point where that I forget I am wearing these contacts. Does not make my eyes irritate, of course with good care and that you are super clean.

Cons: The diameter might have been big for my eyes, even though my eyes looks kinda big in the picture.

Type of lens - soft
Brand - Dream Eyes
Life Span - about three month 
Size - 14.5 mm 

Their Content: 
Halloween Contact Lenses (They are different categories) 
Color Contacts (They are different categories)

If you are trying to think of trying contacts just for fun, cosplay, or even for Halloween, try them at Spooky Eyes, I promise you will have fun! Plus, you get to see how is it like to have a different color from the basic.
Homepage: www.spookyeuyes.com

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◬ Quote of Day: "All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't'. - Marilyn Monore.

❖ High School Cliche ❖

When you heard the word "NERD" you think of weird personality, always studies and wears nothing but buttons up, suspenders and khaki pants, for the boys, or plaid skirts, for the girls. Do you think you considers your self as a nerd. If not, join the clan.

My school just had their spirit week and I got to perform at the rally on Thursday with my dance crew. To make it even more fun for everyone else and to have the dance become real, we got to dress up for the part. I had to go full out from top to bottom. Even did my hair, which is rare. 

9 + 11 = 21
◦ Glasses: Goodwill Industries International, Inc.  // ◦ Bow Tie: eBay  // ◦ Suspenders: Hot Topic  // ◦ Button up: Forever 21 // ◦ Leather Skirt: Forever 21 // ◦ Knee High Socks: Sears // Shoes: Gift

More pictures: 
I had fun learning, practicing, and performing with them. We did awesome and I hope more success in the future. If there is a group or someone that doesn't like our dance team and hip hop crew...Well sorry that we are awesome. 

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◬ Quote of Day: "The most beautiful thing about a person isn’t looks, but heart and personality." - Unknown 

❖ Monochrome ❖

The weather is settling down and the clouds and winds are coming. It is time to bring out our fall and winter clothes while hiding our spring and summer essentials.

◦ Cardigan: Sears // ◦Sweater: Kohl's  // ◦Jeggings: Goodwill Industries International, Inc.  // ◦Shoes: Goodwill Industries International, Inc.  // ◦Necklace: SHOP MISS A 

Detail of the thrift sweater from Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 

Close up on the shoes from Goodwill Industries International, Inc..
It's so nice that the weather is finally calmed down. Pumpkins Spice Latte from Starbucks Coffee is here, new trends, dark lip colors, and sweater weather is coming out again. Which is good because I am guilty of buying so many sweaters than t-shirts and tanks. Oh well! 

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◬ Quote of Day: "Do NOT forget that the secret to being stylish is to look like you didn't try at all when you actually tried really f*ckig hard." - Amy Odell

❖ Getting With Floral ❖

NO matter what season, I always include some sort of floral in my outfits. Floral is my number one print that I have and wear the most. What is your number one print you love to wear all the time, no matter what season? 

This outfit is for the night out with some girlfriends or that date you are looking for this weekend. 

◦ Blazer: Goodwill Industries International, Inc. // ◦ Top: Soul Stylish // ◦ Midi-Skirt: Burlington  // ◦ Shoes: Forever 21 // ◦  Earrings: SHOP MISS A 

Close up on the bracelets details. 
Nails from Icings.

On my Instagram. Phone case from Valfrè

I love pairing my floral's with any color that can correlate with each other. Also bring any blazer or cardigan to keep you warm from that chilly night when you are on a night out with a date or friends.

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◬ Quote of Day: "Happy girls are the prettiest." - Audrey Hepburn

❖ Out About ❖

When fall is coming and it is still hot, it's nice to wear a skirt and not freeze to death. Also getting a Oprah Chai Tea, from Starbucks Coffee, to help with the warmth. Such a beautiful weather but the heat shouldn't existed that day.

◦ Cardigan: Taylor & Sage //◦ Top: Sears Outlet Stores // Skirt: Wet Seal // Purse: Philippines//◦ Shoes: +Forever 21 //Bracelet: Hawaii

A close up of the shoes from Forever 21.
A close up detail of the outfit & my coffee. 
I had a fun that day with my family. I got to see many cute clothes here at the base and eat delicious food in the baker, thee 85 C degree bakery. I really can't wait for the fall and winter weather. Are you guys ready?

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◬ Quote of Day: "Beauty is power; a smile is a sword". - John Ray