❖ First of Autumn ❖

This jacket/kimono like has change my whole life! The fringe and the pretty floral cut out adds a nice touch up. The fabric is soft were it isn't irritated and it is made out of  92% Polyester & 8% Spandex. 

◦ Top: SoulStylish // ◦Kimono: Taylor & Sage // Jeans:  // ◦Shoes: Forever 21 // ◦Necklace: Rocksbox // ◦Bracelet: Gift

Close up detail. Necklace from Rocksbox.
I am really happy this kimono. It has a nice feel fall that I am looking for. Also, I can't wait to style more outfits with this Kimono. Have a wonderful day my lovelies. Be and stay beautiful. XOXO

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◬ Quote of Day: "Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." - Kahlil Gibran

❖ Nude Flower ❖

I have been obsessed of seeing white or black sheer tops over a nude tank top and it looks so gorgeous on my beautiful fashionista sistas on Instagram. So I wanted to try this look too. Also, it was too hot to wear fall pieces for right now. It is going to hundred degrees Fahrenheit for the rest of this week. I really don't like this weather. However, I hope you guys have a wonderful day! 

White Top + Nude 
Took this pictures when there was no people around.
◦ Top: SayWhatNY // ◦Nude Tank Top: Forever 21  // ◦Jeans: YMI Jeans  // ◦Shoes: Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 

Close up details.
Matching Jewelry also lipstick from e.l.f. Cosmetics
A lot of people thought I was naked because of this nude color tank top - from Forever 21 - by the way their tank tops are like $1.80, I believe. Correct me if I am wrong. They will be looking at me twice. Anyways, smile like never before and keep your head high. I love you guys! XOXO

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◬ Quote of Day: "Don't let anyone EVER dull your sparkle." - Unknown

❖ Stripes On Stripes ❖

Hello my lovelies, I here again with another timeless outfit that I have put together under 5 minutes! Yes I said 5 minutes! This outfit was created when I woke up late for an hangout with my friends and I had to be there in ten because we were going to watch The Minion movie. So pairing my favorite pattern on each other is my go to outfit. As long they are in the same color scheme then this tip will never fail.

◦ Sunglasses: Wet Seal // ◦ Top: PapyaClothing // ◦ Pants: Ross // ◦Shoes: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc. // ◦Penny-board: Walmart

I hope you guys enjoy this outfit and is having a wonderful day. Also, I hope it gives you inspiration. Please continue guys to support by: reading, commenting, sharing and following on all of my social media. Be unique and always smile. XOXO

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◬ Quote of Day: "Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through!" - Janelle Monae 

❖ A Bluey Thursday ❖

Hello my lovelies, long time no see! I just have started my last year of high school! It's crazy that I have grown up so much, discover of who I am, and see how much I have changed. However, that doesn't mean it will be the last time I change for the better. Who knows?

Anyways, for my outfit that I chose for the first day of school made some eyes look at my direction. It was nice to wear something eye catching, being different, and stand out from the crowd.

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You don't always have to pair all neutrals with a pop of color. I always like to pair it up with denim wash skinny jeans with a brown or black heel. Also since the top is more breezy I like to keep the proportion with some tight skinny jeans. 

◦ Earrings: SHOP MISS A // ◦ Top: Burlington // ◦ Jeans: Sears  // ◦ Shoes: Forever 21 

A closer look on the denim wash skinny jeans and brown shoes. These Sears jeans' fabric feels more of a jeggings which I love because I want to be comfortable sitting and walking around my campus. Then the shoes from Forever 21 are heavens to my feet because the heels here are chunky. Which help for some support.

Thank you for reading and supporting me when I started my Instagram account to here too! Have a wonderful day my loves. Be UNIQUE! XOXO


◬ Quote of Day: " Be a good person but don't waste time to prove it."

❖ Last Day Of Summer Outfit ❖

I spent my last day of summer of visiting my favorite bakery/cafe with one of my best friend. It was to great to spent my last day as a nice and peaceful hangout. Got to see a new mall and taste delicious Korean food.

◦ Kimono: +Burlington // ◦ Tank: +Wet Seal  // ◦ Skirt: +Wet Seal  // ◦ Shoes: +Forever 21 

Close up detail on this beautiful kimono.

A gorgeous close up this shoes from +Forever 21.
Starting school tomorrow and it's my last day of school. It's going to be tough but I can do it. I wish the best for you when you guys start classes again. Always believe in your self and you can succeed! Good Morning/Afternoon/Night on where you are in the world. XOXO!


◬ Quote of Day: "Strong people don't people others down...They lift them up". - Michael P Watson

❖ Adventure 2 Night Life ❖

Here again for another lookbook but with a single brand store, which I adore so much which is SOUL STYLISH. I have made some outfits already with their clothing pieces: Chic It, Driving Me Lace, & Stripes + Blue. This pieces were given me to from the lovely Victoria and wanted me to dress these three pieces on how I want. That is what I like fashion. There have to be no rules to create your style.

I will be showing a day and night outfits of each three pieces. I hope this gives you guys an inspiration. Also, don't be afraid of adding or taking this pieces to make it own. Like my mom says: "On what you do...make it your own because no one can do it like you".

► 1. Green Tank:

As usual my friends now me for my kimono so, I wore this tank with a floral kimono and jeans. However, for my night out the outfit, it's different. I switched out my kimono and jeans to a belt with a leather brown skirt.

Day Outfit

◦ Kimono: +Burlington  ◦ Jeans: +Forever 21  ◦ Shoes: +Forever 21 ◦ Glasses: +Forever 21 

Night Outfit

◦ Belt: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc.  ◦ Skirt: +Forever 21  ◦ Shoes: +Aliexpress.ua 

► 2. Lace Dress:

For my day outfit, I just wore a black tank top and jeans. It's more of a cover up then my night out outfit. My day outfit is more for errands and/or catching up with some friends. Then for my night out the outfit, I switched it to a black crop top and a leather skirt then take out my hat.

Day Outfit

◦ Hat: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc.  ◦ Tank: +Target  ◦ Jeans: +Forever 21  ◦ Shoes: +Forever 21 

Night Outfit

◦ Crop Top: +Wet Seal  ◦ Skirt: +Aliexpress.ua  ◦ Shoes: +Forever 21 

► 3. Stripes T-Dress:

My day look I wanted to keep it simple and just wore a belt to show my waist and to cover up which it's with my boyfriend's flannel since he wants me to cover up sometimes. (I find that kind.) However, for a night look, I take out the belt, cardigan, and shoes and added a statement necklace, leather leggings, and heels. I feel like I am going to a club but I am not.

Day Outfit

◦ Cardigan: From boyfriend ◦ Belt: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc. ◦ Shoes: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 

Night Outfit

◦ Leggings: +GUESS ◦ Necklace: +Rocksbox ◦ Shoes: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 

Check out SoulStylish, they are having a sale going on and also some free shipping is going on too! Also, would you like more of these look-books in a future post? Comment below! - XOXO


◬ Quote of Day: "Happy girls are the prettiest". - Audrey Hepburn 

❖ Teacher? Mother? ❖

Hello my lovelies! Guessing from the title, you guys should know that I am not. However I do get mistaken about being mother a lot with my two year old and eight year old brother. Then about the teacher part...Well this outfit I put together made me look like a teacher. Also, my reaction was a bit shocked in the inside but I just went through of it.

Teacher/Mommy Outfit!

◦ Earrings: +Rocksbox // ◦ Dress: +Ross Dress for Less // ◦ Necklace: +Rocksbox // ◦ Shoes: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

The details. A closer look.



For getting this beautiful jewelry from this wonderful monthly subscription: +Rocksbox, you can get your free month by using my code: lovingrosexoxo. Check this post for more information: http://lovingrosestyle.blogspot.com/2015/07/rocksbox-review.html


◬ Quote of Day: "If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow." - Beyonce

❖ A Delicate Blossomy ❖

A flower can be so delicate if you do not
nourish it, water it and give it love.

◦ Top: +Burlington 
◦ Midi-skirt: +Burlington 
◦ Earrings: +Rocksbox 
◦ Glasses: +Walmart.COM (These are prescribed)


◬ Quote of Day: "She acts like summer & walks like rain." - Train