❖ Sweety ❖

Hello my lovelies! Today I went to the 85C Bakery Cafe with my family . So many cute sweets and delicious drinks to chose. The drink I chose is my usual, which is a simple medium Mocha Iced Latte. However, I will get something different for sure next time. Here is the link to check them out: http://85cafe.us/

Here is my outfit of the day. I played it simple but have a lace cardigan to add a girly feel. 
Is a pic from my instagram {@Lovingrose_}.

Cardigan: Burlington
Top: +Forever 21 
Pants: +YMI Jeans 
Purse: Gift
Necklace: +Aliexpress.ua 

Here are some bonus pics of what I got from the 85C Bakery Cafe. They were delicious to my taste buds: 
The package. It so cute and simple. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies & Chocolate Crossiant

Cream CheeseCake


◬ Quote of Day: "How beautiful it must be -- that yours is an ache echoing flowers". - RLKing


  1. Gorgeous as always! And all of them look good.

    1. Thank you! It looked good but it tasted amazing. For sure go try some!