❖ RocksBox Review ❖

I got the chance to try out a jewelry monthly subscription called RocksBox! It's simple to use and free to sign up. Every month you will get three items of your favorites. You can wear it to any event/occasion. Here is the link to try it out: https://www.rocksbox.com/ Also use my code for special surprise: lovingrosexoxo!

When I opened it! It came with a card to show what jewelry I
got with their price.
This is what I got inside from the box. One necklace,
earrings, and a ring. Then an info card with their prices.
Here it is! Aren't they gorgeous?! I love this pieces so much!

The necklace is such a pretty statement with the chunkiness and the pop of color of orange is so beautiful. It's not that heavy either, which I am shocked. Next is the cute little earrings. Again, it's not heavy to my ears, which it is a good thing, It's silver with a big crystal in the middle with smaller crystals. And the ring is a dainty and small however, it's helps with a simple outfit! 

Try out the subscription! Also, it's only $19 per month and you can stop at anytime. Also, it provides you a return shipping label when you need to return back. So you don't have to pay anything. I hope this gives you an good introduction about this site! This my own opinion and my own experience. 


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  1. Loving this jewelry! They are perfect for you! :D

    1. Awe thank you love! I bet it will look perfect on you!