❖ Perfect Picture ❖

Hello my lovelies! It's your girl here with a new post. This one is all about your 'perfect' picture for those are taking your school pictures like me (Well I am senior that's why.) early. However, if you still have weeks before your schoolbook pictures than I hope this helps you think about it and can be prepared ahead of time.

My Makeup:

For my makeup I want to keep it natural but still have a flirty look too it. This are the products I used:

◦ +REVLON Japan Photoshop Primer Ready
◦ +NYX Cosmetics  Shine Killer
◦ +Tarte cosmetics  Foundation
◦ Neutral Eye shadow
◦ +NYX Cosmetics  Powder Eyebrow
◦ +Maybelline NY Mx  Brow Eyeliner
◦ Maybelline Mascara
◦ False Lashes (Japanese Brand)
◦ +E.L.F. Cosmetics  Natural Lipstick
◦ +Maybelline NY Mx Lipstick (On top of E.L.F's lipstick)

My Outfit:

Then my outfit today is more of chic but still casual look. I didn't want to be to girly or wear something uncomfortable to wear.

◦ Top (Brother's shirt): +Sears◦ Blazer: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc.◦ Jeans: +Forever 21◦ Shoes: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

My Hair:

Lastly, my hair is just simple wavy/curly hair today. I make sure the front two pieces of my hair is curled away from my face to help it shape and show my face more than the opposite. I used a conair curling iron (one inch).


◦ Don't wear makeup that has SPF because with flash photography can you give you a white cast.
◦ Be natural as possible with your makeup but still be you. Just don't beat your face with a lot of makeup because the foundation might be caked up.
◦ Be careful of choosing of your shirt because there is a certain point where the camera can see. You don't want to look naked in your picture. Pick the appropriate clothing.
◦ Also don't wear the same colors of the background. You don't want to blend in your picture.
◦ This might sound funny but practice smiling in the mirror; it help where your best angle is.
◦ Double check your photo when done taking them. If you don't like them just ask them nicely to re-take. There is no harm of that.

I hope this helps you give some inspiration of hair, makeup, and clothes. I even hope these tips are helpful and is stuck in your brain when your time is coming up. However, if everything is not going to place, you just smile. Have a nice day or night, on were you are from.


◬ Quote of Day: "The better you dress the worse you can behave". - Fred Castleberry


  1. Your outfit is so chic! And the hair is so nice!

  2. Can you stop being so perfect?! Ugh <3

    1. Oh stop it~ You are making me blush. Thank you my love!