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Hello my wonderful lovelies! Welcome back to a new post and by reading the title, here is a look-book for Everyday K-pop. I made this an everyday wear or school appropriate - with a taste of my style - from this account, which I like to give credit too: @kpopkdrama_fashion. He is amazing re-creating the outfits of our favorite K-pop stars. So a quick thank you for your account and letting me use your pictures on my blog! Also, thank you for reading, commenting, and following! XOXO

Let's start with the look-book! P.S you can always change it up or take things out for your condition of weather/school and your style. Make your style your own!

Look One: 
This look is more casual and comfortable, also. I would wear this outfit when I woke up late to an hangout event with friends/family or to school. ◄

(Photo & IG Credit: @kpopkdrama_fashion)


◦ Shirt: +Forever 21 ◦ Short Sleeve Button-Up: +Sears ◦ Pants: Ross Shoes: +Forever 21 ◦ Bracelet: +Aliexpress.ua 

 ► Look Two: I would wear this to a brunch date with my jagiya (honey) or friends. Also even to a social vent. However, for school I would wear sheer tights or stocking socks so, I won't get dress code. ◄

(Photo & IG Credit: @kpopkdrama_fashion)


Look Three: I would wear this too school or at a social event around lunch or late at night. Also I switch those shoes too heel when I go out with friends because I am only 4' 10.5". ◄

(Photo & IG Credit: @kpopkdrama_fashion)

◦ Jacket: +Hamza US POLO ◦ Tank: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc. ◦ Pants: +Ross
◦ Shoes: +Aliexpress.ua 

Look Four: This outfit is my favorite, favorite! I would wear this out to a date or a girl nights out. Also, for school I need to wear some stocking socks or a sheer leggings, either plain or with an design. ◄

(Photo & IG Credit: @kpopkdrama_fashion)
◦ Sweater: +Burlington ◦ Skirt: +Aliexpress.ua ◦ Shoes: +PUMA 


◬ Quote of Day: "Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink." - Lilly Pulitzer


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