❖ Driving Me Lace ❖

Good Morning/ Good Afternoon/ Good Night on where you in the world! I hope you guys have a lovely. Today's weather was unforgettable nice. It was around 75F degrees with the sun out and a nice breeze. So this outfit helped me kept stay warm from the wind but cool from the sun.

I got this lovely lace dress from the store called: Soul Stylish. It's size small and with my height its the right length - I am 4' 10'', by the way. However, that won't stop me from creating my style.
Showing my appreciation of this lacy dress. So versatile.
Close up on the outfit.

◦ Lace Dress: Soul Stylish
◦ Tank Top: +Forever 21
◦ Pants: +YMI Jeans
◦ Shoes: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc.
◦ Necklace: Aliexpress

This Lace dress was so comfortable and so versatile. I can you this as a cover up for the beach, an extra layer on a simple dress to make it more fashionable, or even a high-low t-shirt on what I did here in those photos. Even it was light weight and did not make itch at all. If you guys are interested in buying please click link here: Driving Me Lacey


◬ Quote of Day: "You don't waste smudge eyeliner you make another wing". - The Succubus


  1. Nice way to change it up a bit! I love it!

    1. Thank you! It's nice to switch things around and make it versatile! :).