❖ Bonjour Food ❖

Good Morning/Afternoon/Night my lovelies! I hope you are having a wonderful day! I know I am since I am getting ready for my last year in high school. I still can't believe it for myself! Anyways, lets get going on the outfit of the day.

Took this picture while it was raining and it came out okay!

◦ Shirt: +Burlington 
◦ Jeans: +Burlington 
◦ Shoes: +Aliexpress.ua 
◦ Earrings: +Rocksbox 

Also, I had a fun time with my brothers! All three of us, besides the baby, went to a restaurant in our mall called Sushi Boat. I always love going there and eating out for lunch or dinner. Good for kids to adults to seniors. So if you guys are near Temecula here is the address: 

40820 Winchester Rd #1020
Temecula, CA 92591
        Phone Number: (951) 719-2991

Chicken Teriyaki with fruits, rice, and 4 pieces
of california rolls. 
What we both order. It was to good too eat!
Must try even though it was both Chicken Teriyaki.
This is what I order. I got the Chicken Teriyaki with
rice and two oranges.  

Also got some Yogurt from YogurtLand! I love this dessert place! In my yogurt today I got Vanilla, Chocolate Sorbet and KitKat.

I really do love yogurt! 


◬ Quote of Day: "A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting". - Christine Dior

❖ Everyday K-pop ❖

Hello my wonderful lovelies! Welcome back to a new post and by reading the title, here is a look-book for Everyday K-pop. I made this an everyday wear or school appropriate - with a taste of my style - from this account, which I like to give credit too: @kpopkdrama_fashion. He is amazing re-creating the outfits of our favorite K-pop stars. So a quick thank you for your account and letting me use your pictures on my blog! Also, thank you for reading, commenting, and following! XOXO

Let's start with the look-book! P.S you can always change it up or take things out for your condition of weather/school and your style. Make your style your own!

Look One: 
This look is more casual and comfortable, also. I would wear this outfit when I woke up late to an hangout event with friends/family or to school. ◄

(Photo & IG Credit: @kpopkdrama_fashion)


◦ Shirt: +Forever 21 ◦ Short Sleeve Button-Up: +Sears ◦ Pants: Ross Shoes: +Forever 21 ◦ Bracelet: +Aliexpress.ua 

 ► Look Two: I would wear this to a brunch date with my jagiya (honey) or friends. Also even to a social vent. However, for school I would wear sheer tights or stocking socks so, I won't get dress code. ◄

(Photo & IG Credit: @kpopkdrama_fashion)


Look Three: I would wear this too school or at a social event around lunch or late at night. Also I switch those shoes too heel when I go out with friends because I am only 4' 10.5". ◄

(Photo & IG Credit: @kpopkdrama_fashion)

◦ Jacket: +Hamza US POLO ◦ Tank: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc. ◦ Pants: +Ross
◦ Shoes: +Aliexpress.ua 

Look Four: This outfit is my favorite, favorite! I would wear this out to a date or a girl nights out. Also, for school I need to wear some stocking socks or a sheer leggings, either plain or with an design. ◄

(Photo & IG Credit: @kpopkdrama_fashion)
◦ Sweater: +Burlington ◦ Skirt: +Aliexpress.ua ◦ Shoes: +PUMA 


◬ Quote of Day: "Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink." - Lilly Pulitzer

❖ Chic it ❖

Hey my lovelies, another outfit of the day from yesterday. Went to San Diego and Mira Mesa base to get some groceries and some school clothes. Will do a clothes haul soon for the 2015-2016 school year and make some inspiration outfits. Anyways this outfit that chose, is more of a chic with my floral jersey. Even included a olive tank top from Soul Stylish.

The Olive tank top from Soul Stylish.
(Photo Credit: Chad Para aka my brother).
Is posted on my IG and the same PC too.

◦ Necklace: ShopMissA 
◦ Tank: Soul Stylish 
◦ Jersey: Papaya
◦ Leather Leggings: G by Guess
◦ Shoes: +Aliexpress.ua 

This outfit I choose worked with the weather. When it got too hot for a few hours, I just took the jersey off and felt a lot of cooler and when it got too cold for me, I can always put it back on. Even this tank from Soul Stylish is super soft and not irritating to the skin. In addition to it was so breezy and helps to hide your bloated/stuffed stomach after a big and delicious meal. I would definitely recommend this piece and store. Go check it out!

I hope you guys have a wonderful and nice summer so far. School is coming back and it's the around the corner. Work hard and never give up! XOXO 


◬ Quote of Day: "I don't like standard beauty. There is no beauty without strangeness." - Karl Lagerfeld

❖ RocksBox Review ❖

I got the chance to try out a jewelry monthly subscription called RocksBox! It's simple to use and free to sign up. Every month you will get three items of your favorites. You can wear it to any event/occasion. Here is the link to try it out: https://www.rocksbox.com/ Also use my code for special surprise: lovingrosexoxo!

When I opened it! It came with a card to show what jewelry I
got with their price.
This is what I got inside from the box. One necklace,
earrings, and a ring. Then an info card with their prices.
Here it is! Aren't they gorgeous?! I love this pieces so much!

The necklace is such a pretty statement with the chunkiness and the pop of color of orange is so beautiful. It's not that heavy either, which I am shocked. Next is the cute little earrings. Again, it's not heavy to my ears, which it is a good thing, It's silver with a big crystal in the middle with smaller crystals. And the ring is a dainty and small however, it's helps with a simple outfit! 

Try out the subscription! Also, it's only $19 per month and you can stop at anytime. Also, it provides you a return shipping label when you need to return back. So you don't have to pay anything. I hope this gives you an good introduction about this site! This my own opinion and my own experience. 


◬ Quote of Day: "I am a lady-in-waiting, and she is the princess. No, the empress. The empress of the world." - Empress of the World, Sara Ryan  

❖ Floral + Stripes ❖

Another crazy weekend for the past two days however I got to dress up. Even wear some nice jewelry from RocksBox. I will do my review about them soon. Furthermore, I was able to have fun with my pamilya (family) and got to try new things along the way but in the other hand I wasn't able to take pictures. Unless you have my snapchat but you guys can add me @kissbbcluber and see what I am doing or most of the time...eating. For the sake of this post lets get on with the 2 outfits I will be showing.

Saturday: It was a horrible weather to wear a dress because it rain, my tight shoes gave me blisters on the back of my heal, and it was raining like cats and dogs while having no umbrella. All I can say is...it sucked.
Will be posted on my ig soon. 

◦ Dress: +Kohl's 
◦ Belt: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 
◦ Cardigan: Burlington 
◦ Shoes: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 

Sunday: While Sunday was good in the morning and yet at the middle of the day it got extremely hot and end of the day it rained and have crazy winds. It was just bipolar that day.
It was drizzling when I took this pic. 

◦ Shirt: SoulSylish 
◦ Skirt: Burlington
◦ Belt: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 
◦ Shoes: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 
◦ Accessories: RocksBox 


◬ Quote of Day: "The woman is the most perfect doll that I have dressed with delight and admiration." - Karl Lagerfeid

❖ Driving Me Lace ❖

Good Morning/ Good Afternoon/ Good Night on where you in the world! I hope you guys have a lovely. Today's weather was unforgettable nice. It was around 75F degrees with the sun out and a nice breeze. So this outfit helped me kept stay warm from the wind but cool from the sun.

I got this lovely lace dress from the store called: Soul Stylish. It's size small and with my height its the right length - I am 4' 10'', by the way. However, that won't stop me from creating my style.
Showing my appreciation of this lacy dress. So versatile.
Close up on the outfit.

◦ Lace Dress: Soul Stylish
◦ Tank Top: +Forever 21
◦ Pants: +YMI Jeans
◦ Shoes: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc.
◦ Necklace: Aliexpress

This Lace dress was so comfortable and so versatile. I can you this as a cover up for the beach, an extra layer on a simple dress to make it more fashionable, or even a high-low t-shirt on what I did here in those photos. Even it was light weight and did not make itch at all. If you guys are interested in buying please click link here: Driving Me Lacey


◬ Quote of Day: "You don't waste smudge eyeliner you make another wing". - The Succubus

❖ Stripes + Blue ❖

Hello my lovelies! Sorry for the MIA, something came up. However, I am back with another OOTD today! I just love the pieces I am wearing today and especially the T-shirt Dress I got from: www.soulstylish.com

My first time owning a T-Shirt dress and I am in love. It's has a nice length, very breezing (without the belt), and the fabric is so soft. You will be in love with this dress like I am. Also, you can this one at the shop I mentioned up there and bottom. ONLY $18 too! What a deal!

This photo is also in my Instagram {@Lovingrose_}
Without the cardigan. 

Cardigan: +Wet Seal 
◦ T-Shirt Dress: Soul Stylish 
◦ Belt: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc. ◦ Shoes: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 
◦ Necklace: Miss A


◬ Quote of Day: "There is a shade of red for every woman". - Audrey Hepburn

❖ Sweety ❖

Hello my lovelies! Today I went to the 85C Bakery Cafe with my family . So many cute sweets and delicious drinks to chose. The drink I chose is my usual, which is a simple medium Mocha Iced Latte. However, I will get something different for sure next time. Here is the link to check them out: http://85cafe.us/

Here is my outfit of the day. I played it simple but have a lace cardigan to add a girly feel. 
Is a pic from my instagram {@Lovingrose_}.

Cardigan: Burlington
Top: +Forever 21 
Pants: +YMI Jeans 
Purse: Gift
Necklace: +Aliexpress.ua 

Here are some bonus pics of what I got from the 85C Bakery Cafe. They were delicious to my taste buds: 
The package. It so cute and simple. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies & Chocolate Crossiant

Cream CheeseCake


◬ Quote of Day: "How beautiful it must be -- that yours is an ache echoing flowers". - RLKing

❖ Perfect Picture ❖

Hello my lovelies! It's your girl here with a new post. This one is all about your 'perfect' picture for those are taking your school pictures like me (Well I am senior that's why.) early. However, if you still have weeks before your schoolbook pictures than I hope this helps you think about it and can be prepared ahead of time.

My Makeup:

For my makeup I want to keep it natural but still have a flirty look too it. This are the products I used:

◦ +REVLON Japan Photoshop Primer Ready
◦ +NYX Cosmetics  Shine Killer
◦ +Tarte cosmetics  Foundation
◦ Neutral Eye shadow
◦ +NYX Cosmetics  Powder Eyebrow
◦ +Maybelline NY Mx  Brow Eyeliner
◦ Maybelline Mascara
◦ False Lashes (Japanese Brand)
◦ +E.L.F. Cosmetics  Natural Lipstick
◦ +Maybelline NY Mx Lipstick (On top of E.L.F's lipstick)

My Outfit:

Then my outfit today is more of chic but still casual look. I didn't want to be to girly or wear something uncomfortable to wear.

◦ Top (Brother's shirt): +Sears◦ Blazer: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc.◦ Jeans: +Forever 21◦ Shoes: +Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

My Hair:

Lastly, my hair is just simple wavy/curly hair today. I make sure the front two pieces of my hair is curled away from my face to help it shape and show my face more than the opposite. I used a conair curling iron (one inch).


◦ Don't wear makeup that has SPF because with flash photography can you give you a white cast.
◦ Be natural as possible with your makeup but still be you. Just don't beat your face with a lot of makeup because the foundation might be caked up.
◦ Be careful of choosing of your shirt because there is a certain point where the camera can see. You don't want to look naked in your picture. Pick the appropriate clothing.
◦ Also don't wear the same colors of the background. You don't want to blend in your picture.
◦ This might sound funny but practice smiling in the mirror; it help where your best angle is.
◦ Double check your photo when done taking them. If you don't like them just ask them nicely to re-take. There is no harm of that.

I hope this helps you give some inspiration of hair, makeup, and clothes. I even hope these tips are helpful and is stuck in your brain when your time is coming up. However, if everything is not going to place, you just smile. Have a nice day or night, on were you are from.


◬ Quote of Day: "The better you dress the worse you can behave". - Fred Castleberry

❖ New Hair Color ❖

Hello my lovelies! Here again with a new post. Today I have dyed my hair at Fantastic Sams in my city. I wanted something new besides my normal routine of black/blue and red. Also it is my Senior year in High School. Even though it might be a good or bad year, at least I am happy to find a look that I will be satisfied about.

My hair is in the middle of thick and thin, the natural hair color is black, and the length is long. For my hair color history, I have dyed my hair from the salons to the box dye at the drugstores. The box dye brands I used are: Palty (Japanese brand), Garnier, Revlon, and Vidal. The colors were mostly red besides the Palty, it was more of a brown/chestnut. 

After spending in the salon for three hours. Here is the result of my hair now:
The top pic is also posted on my IG {@Lovingrose_}. There are still my pics.

The girl who did my hairs, which is Alexis, was just wonderful. She did what was best for me and even nice and patient. Plus she is so pretty. I did wanted something different but I love this one better. I am just in love with this color and so please. Addition to it is still modern and chic. It's not to lilac or a bright/neon purple color. So if anyone lives in the Temecula or Murrieta area and is looking for a color or cut, go to this place:

     39540 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd
     Murrieta, Ca 92563


◬ Quote of the Day: "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself". - Coco Chanel

❖ Fourth Of July ❖

Hello my lovelies! Today is Independence Day for the U.S! Please celebrate safely but always have fun! Today's outfit that I chose today can help any situation for your needs, including my dog, Rusty.

◦ Cardigan: +Kohl's
◦ Top: +Target
◦ Pants: Gift from a friend.
◦ Shoes+Goodwill Industries International, Inc.
◦ Sunglasses: +Wet Seal

This picture is mine and was also post on my Instagram {@Lovingrose}. 

This outfit can work on a hot or a cold day. You can always remove the cardigan and tie it around your waist when it get too cold and you can wear it again when it get chilly. The tank top is a loose fit so you can eat as much as you want but still hide your 'stuff' tummy. Also, this outfit can be a day look or a night look.

I hope you enjoy this look please Read, Comment, Follow. I will talk to you guys soon again. Have a safe 4th of July.


◬ Quote of Day: "I like my money right where I can see hanging in my closet." - Tally Weijl