❖ Outfit's Have Been Lost ❖

Hello my lovelies, it has been awhile that I have posted. I was getting ready and studying for finals. It was literally hell for me but, I did survive and pass all of my classes (surprisingly). Also, if you have followed my Instagram, @Lovingrose_ you can see my complain and dying about finals. I know I am not the alone who dies, complains and/or cry about those finals.

Anyways, this is a quick post of some outfits that have been resting in peace and I revived them to give them a second chance. I might have tweak them a bit but, it never hurts anyone or know one really notice the second-time wore outfit.

Such a Nudey 

◦ Cardigan: SayWhatNY // ◦ Shirt: Goodwill Industries International, Inc. // ◦ Pants: Target // ◦ Boots: Wet Seal // ◦ Chocker: Made it myself

Mirror Chic

◦ Eyeglasses: Zerouv Sunglasses // ◦ Sweater: SayWhatNY // ◦ Leggings: +Forever 21 // ◦ Boots: +Wet Seal // ◦ Necklace: +Rocksbox // ◦ Socks & Phone Case: +Aliexpress China 

Use my code 'Lovingrosexoxo' to get your free box at www.RocksBox.com

Dark Geometry 

◦ Cardigan: SayWhatNY // ◦ Top: Wet Seal // Jeans: GUESS // Shoes: A Gift   


◦ Button up: Hawaii //  Cropped Sweater: Forever 21 // ◦ Boots: Forever 21 // ◦ Choker:  Wet Seal 

Hopefully it makes you recreate your old looks and maybe tweak it. I promise no one is going to notice that you wore it twice or how many times you wore it. However, if you do then it's whateva. Just ignore their comment and do not care about it. No one should tell you how to dress. Now, get out there and recycle some old outfits you loved. 

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Quote of the Day: "Dressing is a way of life." - Yves Saint Laurent

❖ The Orange Sweater ❖

As the weather is coming down, it is time to put away our summer attire and bring on the boots, sweaters, and scarfs. Also, some hot chocolate drinks with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with nuts (those are my favorite) sitting with family or even friends. This is my kind of weather.

Today I am featuring a sweater that I was able to get at CN Direct. This website is like any online shopping experience you have done. However, they are cheaper but good quality. They even have their flash sales which is amazing! Check it out when you got the time, I promise you, you will not regret it.

◦ Sweater Weather: CN Direct // ◦ Jewelry Set: Rocksbox // ◦ Leggings: Target //  ◦ Shoes: Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 

This sweater from CN Direct is so comfortable like I can't describe how soft and warm it is. Also the color is so perfect, I never knew I would love the color orange, since I am not a big fan. Also the shipment didn't take that long; only took a bout a month. Just remember that the shipment is from China. Overall I am very happy with my experience and might shop again at CN Direct.

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◬ Quote of Day: "The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." - Audrey Hepburn.

Rocks box & Etc. | Review

A different, new post than I usual do, but I want to share you guys - my lovelies - my favorites accessories of last month. I died of love getting these; I could not stop wearing these. One, some, or maybe all I might have use all them in a outfit. Might be too much but hey, you got to make it work to sell it. Right?

These favorites can go with every outfit I pair it with the whole month of October. NO matter if the weather was cold to hot.If these never came to my life then my outfits would not be that stylist.

1. Rocksbox Monthly Subscription

     This brand does a jewelry set subscription that is monthly. You can keep as much as you want. Then you send it back which they provide a label for a return. This brand is amazing and adorable jewelry. $19 per month (Use a my code lovingrosexoxo to get your first box free).

    This phone case is from Valfrè. It is adorable and you can brag to your friends that you make the man cry for you. I am just joking, please don't do that. It is made out of silicone so it would not break that easily which it is a good thing. This is more of the pricey side. $38  

     This glasses I receive from ZeroUV which are incredibly cute, lovable and can pair with every outfit I put together, The bottom one can make it chic and hipster. Then the top makes the outfit sassy and sexy. They are great for all seasons and they are reasonable priced. $10.95 (Both) 

Here it is! These are the love of my life. If you guys do get them please, please tag me in the social that I have. It can be Instagram, Twitter or even Phhhoto. Also comment down if you want to see a look book with these accessories. Comment down and I will for sure and also should I do it in video format. I have been thinking about this for awhile but I am not hundred percent. 

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◬ Quote of Day: "Love is the whole and more than all." - EE Cummings 

❖ Dressing In Teal ❖

This outfit was more of a quick outfit than a planned one but some how it looks nice, in my eyes. Also, it was very versatile with the cardigan that I can just take it off when hot or put it in on when it starts to cool down. Even the comfortable level was that no words can describe it. It was not tight and not too loose; right in the middle of comfort.

◦ Cardigan: NexChange // ◦ Top: Burlington // ◦ Pants: NexChange // ◦ Sunglasses: ZeroUV Eyewear // ◦ Shoes: Forever 21 // ◦ Bracelet: D.I.Y

Overall, the day was nice but it did get a bit too hot around afternoon. However, I got some peach tea with macaroons. I should have taken the picture but I wanted to eat already. What is your cup of tea? And what is your go to outfit? 

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◬ Quote of Day: "The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart", - Rumi 

❖ Light Fall ❖

Sadly, it's not getting cloudy or having no rain in Southern California but it has some decent days. Still dressing light for the fall until it's time for sweater weather! However, it is slowly getting there...hopefully it will come soon.

◦ Cardigan: Gift // ◦Shirt:  Target  // ◦ Jeans: YMI Jeans  // ◦ Sunglasses: ZeroUV // ◦ Shoes: Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 

Details. The matching necklace and bracelet is from Rocksbox

I am hoping for the heat to go down so I can take out my fall and winter essentials. Plus the Starbucks limited drinks are just perfect for for this season. I just can't for it to be cool. How about you? Are you? 

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◬ Quote of Day: "Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it." - Confucius 

❖ Fall Wishlist ❖

Fall is already here and I need to update my closet like...ASAP. I am loving the new trends for this fall and winter of 2015. There are so many items that are germane to the weather and I can't wait for to buy it soon...hopefully.

1. Knee High Faux Boots 

Picture from CNDirect 

I also wanted knee high boots ever since last season. They look so cute and chic. Even it I'll keep your legs warm for sure during the cold fall and winters. Plus both the brown and black are the perfect colors. Click here
2. Leather Fringe Purse
Pictures from +CNDirect .com 

First of al lithe fringe caught my attention. Secondly, it will be cute on a date or girls night out. I really love the black and beige color along with other two colors. Click Here

3. V Neck Stripey

Picture from CNDirect 

This top is perfect! I can wear it during school to the night life. I love it on how it is very versatile. Also, it fits in the stripe trend. It even can make such a good staple piece. Click Here
4. Asymmetric Skirt

Super cute on an hot, fall date. Good for late night beach day and you guys can use it during your date night when you are out and eating alone. Also, very sexy. Click Here

5. Army Green Jacket 
Picture from CNDirect 

It is great for those windy and cold fall and winter. Also it has pockets and it is washable which is nice. Click Here

Eventually I will get the pieces one by one and use it again the next season of 2016. Since its becoming colder, the pieces are perfect to keep me warm and from me getting sick too! Which of these items are your favorite? 

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◬ Quote of Day: "Being jealous of a beautiful woman is not going make you more beautiful." - Zsa Zsa Gabor 

❖ Spooky eyes ❖

Spooky Eyes is a online store for color contacts. The variety is from natural to a intense one. I got the opportunity to to work with them and try it out for the first time. I chose to go with this contacts called Spooky Mystic Violet Contact Lenses (FDA approved & ISO International Standards).


Pros: Very thin that is comfortable and to the point where that I forget I am wearing these contacts. Does not make my eyes irritate, of course with good care and that you are super clean.

Cons: The diameter might have been big for my eyes, even though my eyes looks kinda big in the picture.

Type of lens - soft
Brand - Dream Eyes
Life Span - about three month 
Size - 14.5 mm 

Their Content: 
Halloween Contact Lenses (They are different categories) 
Color Contacts (They are different categories)

If you are trying to think of trying contacts just for fun, cosplay, or even for Halloween, try them at Spooky Eyes, I promise you will have fun! Plus, you get to see how is it like to have a different color from the basic.
Homepage: www.spookyeuyes.com

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◬ Quote of Day: "All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't'. - Marilyn Monore.

❖ High School Cliche ❖

When you heard the word "NERD" you think of weird personality, always studies and wears nothing but buttons up, suspenders and khaki pants, for the boys, or plaid skirts, for the girls. Do you think you considers your self as a nerd. If not, join the clan.

My school just had their spirit week and I got to perform at the rally on Thursday with my dance crew. To make it even more fun for everyone else and to have the dance become real, we got to dress up for the part. I had to go full out from top to bottom. Even did my hair, which is rare. 

9 + 11 = 21
◦ Glasses: Goodwill Industries International, Inc.  // ◦ Bow Tie: eBay  // ◦ Suspenders: Hot Topic  // ◦ Button up: Forever 21 // ◦ Leather Skirt: Forever 21 // ◦ Knee High Socks: Sears // Shoes: Gift

More pictures: 
I had fun learning, practicing, and performing with them. We did awesome and I hope more success in the future. If there is a group or someone that doesn't like our dance team and hip hop crew...Well sorry that we are awesome. 

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◬ Quote of Day: "The most beautiful thing about a person isn’t looks, but heart and personality." - Unknown 

❖ Monochrome ❖

The weather is settling down and the clouds and winds are coming. It is time to bring out our fall and winter clothes while hiding our spring and summer essentials.

◦ Cardigan: Sears // ◦Sweater: Kohl's  // ◦Jeggings: Goodwill Industries International, Inc.  // ◦Shoes: Goodwill Industries International, Inc.  // ◦Necklace: SHOP MISS A 

Detail of the thrift sweater from Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 

Close up on the shoes from Goodwill Industries International, Inc..
It's so nice that the weather is finally calmed down. Pumpkins Spice Latte from Starbucks Coffee is here, new trends, dark lip colors, and sweater weather is coming out again. Which is good because I am guilty of buying so many sweaters than t-shirts and tanks. Oh well! 

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◬ Quote of Day: "Do NOT forget that the secret to being stylish is to look like you didn't try at all when you actually tried really f*ckig hard." - Amy Odell

❖ Getting With Floral ❖

NO matter what season, I always include some sort of floral in my outfits. Floral is my number one print that I have and wear the most. What is your number one print you love to wear all the time, no matter what season? 

This outfit is for the night out with some girlfriends or that date you are looking for this weekend. 

◦ Blazer: Goodwill Industries International, Inc. // ◦ Top: Soul Stylish // ◦ Midi-Skirt: Burlington  // ◦ Shoes: Forever 21 // ◦  Earrings: SHOP MISS A 

Close up on the bracelets details. 
Nails from Icings.

On my Instagram. Phone case from Valfrè

I love pairing my floral's with any color that can correlate with each other. Also bring any blazer or cardigan to keep you warm from that chilly night when you are on a night out with a date or friends.

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◬ Quote of Day: "Happy girls are the prettiest." - Audrey Hepburn

❖ Out About ❖

When fall is coming and it is still hot, it's nice to wear a skirt and not freeze to death. Also getting a Oprah Chai Tea, from Starbucks Coffee, to help with the warmth. Such a beautiful weather but the heat shouldn't existed that day.

◦ Cardigan: Taylor & Sage //◦ Top: Sears Outlet Stores // Skirt: Wet Seal // Purse: Philippines//◦ Shoes: +Forever 21 //Bracelet: Hawaii

A close up of the shoes from Forever 21.
A close up detail of the outfit & my coffee. 
I had a fun that day with my family. I got to see many cute clothes here at the base and eat delicious food in the baker, thee 85 C degree bakery. I really can't wait for the fall and winter weather. Are you guys ready?

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◬ Quote of Day: "Beauty is power; a smile is a sword". - John Ray

❖ First of Autumn ❖

This jacket/kimono like has change my whole life! The fringe and the pretty floral cut out adds a nice touch up. The fabric is soft were it isn't irritated and it is made out of  92% Polyester & 8% Spandex. 

◦ Top: SoulStylish // ◦Kimono: Taylor & Sage // Jeans:  // ◦Shoes: Forever 21 // ◦Necklace: Rocksbox // ◦Bracelet: Gift

Close up detail. Necklace from Rocksbox.
I am really happy this kimono. It has a nice feel fall that I am looking for. Also, I can't wait to style more outfits with this Kimono. Have a wonderful day my lovelies. Be and stay beautiful. XOXO

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◬ Quote of Day: "Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." - Kahlil Gibran